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Sample ImageThank you for visiting our website. Since 1993, we have faithfully worked with churches, families, private and home schools, and individuals concerned with the spiritual and moral direction of our nation.

Due to our efforts, many Christian freedoms have been protected and promoted for churches, pastors, and families. Having been a pastor for a number of years, our Executive Director, Dr. Vanden Bosch, understands the needs and pressures of the local church.

Pastor Neal Dearyan, the Ohio Director, ministers on behalf of Christians across the state of Ohio, helping them protect their freedom to worship and practice their sincerely held religious beliefs.

Our desire is to educate and create awareness in the Christian community of the current cultural, social, and moral issues that will affect our churches and society at large, so we can be more effective. We encourage Christians to practice stewardship in the area of citizenship, knowing that we we give account to God for the responsibilities He has given us in our wonderful nation.

Thank you again for visiting our website. We pray that it will be a blessing to you!

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